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As promised in a previous post, I’d like to share with you a fantastic family favorite that’s full of flavor.  It goes great with grated parmesan or cheddar cheese, has some seriously savory spices and will warm you up on a frigid and frozen winter night.  I’m speaking of course about “Zero’s Chili” and it’s a righteous recipe that’s been in the family for decades.  Various incarnations of this fabulous food have been recreated throughout the years, including a victorious vegetarian version, but the spectacular selection of spices and terrific taste has always remained the same…  Amazingly awesome!.  Serve it up over some rice with a slice of buttered bread for a delicious dinner.  Bring it to work in some tupperware and heat it up in the break room to impress your coworkers with your lavish and luxurious lunch.  No matter how you eat it, or when and where, the end result will always be supreme satisfaction.

Note:  When I made this meal on Sunday, I had left my camera at a friends house, so I apologize for not having all the step by step pictures I normally have.



– 3 Pounds of ground round (or meat loaf mix, ground sausage or a combination of any the 3, your choice.  For vegetarians, 3 pounds of Morningstar Farms Grillers crumbles (TVP) taste great!)

– 1 Large can of whole tomatoes (pureed)

– 1 Small cans of tomato paste

– 5 Cans of red kidney beans with liquid (10 to 12 ounce cans each)

– 2 packages of chili seasoning mix

– 4 Medium green peppers (diced small)

– 3 Medium onions (diced small)

– 2 Caps fulls of white vinegar

– 2 Tablespoons of butter

– 1/2 Tablespoons of garlic powder

– 1/2 Tablespoon of gravy master

– 3 Tablespoons of olive oil

– Salt and pepper (to taste)

– 3 Teaspoons of ground cumin

– A little water to thin to desired consistency (optional)


1. Clean, chop, prepare and arrange all ingredients.

2. In a large heavy saucepan, brown meat (or meatless meat) while breaking it down with a spatula.

3. When meat is all browned and broken down to it’s smallest form, begin to drain all the fat you can.

4. Add pureed tomatoes and paste, chili mix and 1 cup of water and bring it to a simmer- stirring frequently.

5. Lightly coat a frying pan with olive oil and begin to sauté your peppers and onions until slightly limp and translucent.  Then add them to the chili

6. Add 1 cup of boiling water to the frying pan and de-glaze to get any remaining flavor. Add to the chili

7. Add all other ingredients except the beans and their liquid to the chili.

8. Simmer, stirring occasionally for at least 1 hour.

9. Add beans and liquid and continue simmering for another half an hour.

10. Serve with grated cheddar or parmesan cheese, Italian bread, ice cold beer and Sriracha.  Some people prefer it over rice.  Enjoy!