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I almost always approach posting anything on here that doesn’t particularly pertain to food with a terrible trepidation.  As I’ve expressed before, if anyone reads this blog, it’s so they can come across creative culinary creations- not read the incoherent, alcoholic  ramblings of a failed comedy writer.  But recently, in real life and on this blog, several people have suggested I make the extra effort and be willing go out of my comfort zone a little bit and write some more.  So, if you’ll bear with me on this one, I’d like to share some humble haiku’s and a corny comic strip with you- And I promise that tomorrow I’ll get back to my previous passion and post an absolutely amazing chili recipe that’s full of fantastic flavors.

Thanking you in advance



“I stumbled out toward the ocean and just stood there, gazing upon the Pacific and playing Joy Division over and over again in my head.”


Stuck In The Present

You Can Destroy The Future

But Can’t Kill The Past


Morning Booze Leads To

Alcoholic Afternoons

And Wasted Evenings


Je Parle Francais

Et Aujord’hui Mecredi

De Rien, Mon Ami


Great Warrior King

United Gaul Against Rome



Fuzzy Little Friend

Sat Next To Me On The Bed

Then Sneezed Like People


Dirty Martini

Not Some Italian’s Nick Name

It’s A Drink, Silly


As Soft As A Kiss

Pure As Freshly Fallen Snow

Inver House Whiskey


A Hero Appears

The Neighborhood Is Friendly

Thank You, Spider-Man