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Okay, I started this draft a few days ago and was furiously debating with myself on whether or not I should post this.  It’s not a recipe and isn’t relevant to food at all, which is a bit of a departure from my usual posts.   I figured people stop by this blog to check out recipes, not read my about my ramblings or amateur poetry.  Then, I listened to a couple of Dubliners songs, had a drink and said “Screw it.  This is my blog and I’ll just write what want to.”  That being said, here it goes.

-With Christmas Eve, Chistmas, Boxing Day, my birthday, New Years Eve and New Years Day all being within the same week of each other; sometimes the end of the year celebratory shenanigans of a holiday drunk can become a clever disguise for a full fledged alcoholic.  Last week, the day after my birthday I think, I scribbled down this little poem.  It was written on both sides of an old napkin and the back of a receipt from the administration office at the local community college. I found it on the floor this morning, amongst some old bottles, an unopened package of socks and a small army of guitar picks.  I think it sums up my holiday vacation pretty well.

The smell, the color

And the taste

I never let

You go to waste

When times get tough

You’re always there

And always show me

That you care.

You’re my true blue-

I’d die for you.

No one else knows

What we’ve been through.

Cause you’re the best;

You’ve passed the test.

I love you most

Above the rest.

Through work days,

Off days, Holidays,

You comfort me

In many ways.

I’m who I am,

At least by some,

Because of you-

So thank you rum.