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Breakfast- It’s the most important meal of the day.  The cornerstone to the castle of cuisine.  It’s sets the tone for your entire day.  Something smart and healthy would make sense.  A banana and some oatmeal can be nice.  Maybe a granola bar and some yogurt.  Or perhaps, you’re like me and recovering from a post birthday/ holiday hangover and desire something that packs a big time flavor and some superior sustenance.  In which case, you’ve been dreaming about Huevos Rancheros since last night.  The last thing you thought about as you closed your eyes and the first thought you had as you stumbled out of bed this morning.  Quick, simple and amazingly awesome- it’s the perfect breakfast.  Whether you’re entertaining some friends for a late morning brunch or all alone trying to piece together the events from the previous evening; it’s got everything you need.  The creamy, custardy qualities of the fried egg.  The initial crunch of the tortilla, following by it’s soft, pillowy goodness.  The charred, yet decadent texture of the chorizo- and let us not forget the sweet and spicy compliment of our home made salsa.  So go ahead, it’s still technically the holidays.  Why not indulge just a little bit more?



-3 Corn tortillas

-3 Eggs (Fried, sunny side, scrambled- you’re choice)

-1 small GOYA chorizo ( or any small sized chorizo) halved and mashed while grilled.

-Homemade Salsa

-Salt and pepper (to taste)

Sprinkle of ADOBO and queso fresco optional


Ingredients For Salsa-

-1 Small can of tomato sauce

-1 Jalapeno pepper (cut, de-seeded and diced)

-1 Small onion (halved and diced)

-A dozen or so cherry tomatoes (quartered)

-Some fresh cilantro (roughly chopped)

-Salt and pepper (to taste)

-1 Lime (hlaved and quartered)

Instructions For Salsa-

1. Clean, prepare and arrange all ingredients.

2. Spoon tomato sauce into bowl, dish or tupperware container.

3. Add diced jalapenos, onions, tomatoes.  Add salt, pepper and cilantro to taste.

4. Cut lime into quarters, and empty half into the tomato sauce mixture.

5. Mix together, cover and place in fridge to allow flavors to merge together for several hours or overnight.


Instructions For Breakfast Magic-

1. Use some non stick spray or butter to grease your pan or skillet.

2. Cut chorizo in half add place onto pan or skillet.  Begin breaking up sausage with a fork or spatula.  Continuing cooking for 10 minutes or so on both sides for charred finish.

3. Heat tortillas on each side for 2 to 3 minutes, until crispy.  Place tortillas onto a plate and cover.

4. Crack 3 eggs onto your frying pan or skillet and fry on each side for 2 to 3 minutes until desired yolk consistency is reached.  When finished, place eggs onto tortillas.

5. Add salt and pepper (or ADOBO, lime juice, Sriracha, queso fresco and cilantro, if desired)  Enjoy!