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If you asked 10 different people what their favorite Christmas cookie is, you’d probably get 10 different answers.  With all the outstanding options to chose from this time of year, it’s hard to pick just one.  So while the cookie committee convenes and the eating enthusiast examine each entry, I’d like to take this time to nominate a cookie that’s not quite a cookie at all.  The pecan tassie is essentially a miniature pecan pie and while it has the bite sized appeal of a traditional cookie, it packs the fantastic flavor and palette pleasing performance of a pastry 5 times it’s size.  When it comes to holiday treats, sometimes big things can come in small packages- and there’s not a lot of things that are bigger than the big time taste in this holiday favorite.  Pecan tassies?  More like Pecan-tastics!


Ingredients For The Dough-

-1/2 Cup of softened butter or margarine

-1 Three ounce package of softened cream cheese

-1 Cup of all purpose flour

Instructions For The Dough-

1. Blend butter and cream cheese.

2. Stir in flour.  Cover and chill for 1 hour.

3. On lightly floured surface, roll dough 1/8 of an inch thick.

4. Cut into 3 inch round with a scalloped cookie cutter.

5. Pat into 1 and three quarter inch muffin pans.  Divide dough into 24 balls, press against sides and bottom of the muffin cups.

Ingredients For The Filling-

-1 Beaten Egg

-3/4 Of a cup packed brown sugar

-1 Tablespoon of softened butter or margarine

-1 Teaspoon of Vanilla extract

-Dash of Salt

-1/2 Cup of coarsely chopped pecans

-Powdered sugar to dust over the tassies

Instructions For The Filling-

1. Prepare dough press into muffin pan as directed.

2. In small mixing bowl, stir together egg, brown sugar, butter or margarine, vanilla and salt until smooth.

3. Spoon about 1 teaspoon of the chopped pecans into the pastry-lined muffin cup.

4. Fill each with sugar/egg mixture.

5. Bake at 325 degree oven for about 25 minutes or until filling is set.

6. Allow to cool, then remove from pans.  Top with powdered sugar.  Cover and store.  Makes up to 24.  Enjoy.