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For the better part of a century, the American view of the French has been one of disdain. The prevailing stereotypes being that the French are snobby, smelly, cheese-eating, beret wearing, surrender monkeys.  Smoking thin cigarettes and sporting even thinner mustaches.  And, while I for one am a self proclaimed “Franco-Phile”, I can’t help but feel that my fellow countrymen’s deep animosity toward the French may only grow stronger in the coming years.  That being said, yours truly has taken up the proverbial torch and made it his mission to make Americans recognize the many contributions of this rich and vibrant culture, by focusing more on the positive aspects, rather than the negatives.

For example, The French were the first ally of our fledgling nation- aiding us in The Revolutionary War.  In an effort to finance  his war in Europe, Napoleon generously sold us the Louisiana Territory for the bargain basement price of 15 million dollars- about 3 cents an acre.  The French have also given us the Statue of Liberty, the word “menage a’ trois”, the 19th-century Paris based art movement known as “Impressionism”, the music of “Daft Punk” and “Stereolab”,  some of the world’s finest wines and cheeses.  And, perhaps most importantly, the invention of the crepe- Those crispy, thin little pancakes with the fruit inside.  Today, I’ll demonstrate just how easy and delicious making these delicacies at home from scratch can be.  Laissez-nous commencer.


1 cup of flour (une tasse de farine)

2 eggs (deux oeufs)

3/4 cup of milk (trois quarts du lait)

1/2 cup of water (une demi-tasse d’eau)


a little honey (un peu de miel)

a little syrup (un peu de sirop)

a little sugar ( un peu de sucre)

and some cinnamon (et quelque cinnamon)