My Old Man has always said “If you don’t eat; you’ll die.”  And it’s true.  I’m not sure exactly how many scientific studies have been devoted to this particular subject, or just how necessary they would be, but the fact is- we all need food .  The desire to fill our stomachs and gain nutrition is a vital part of our shared human experience.  And, if we must eat, they why shouldn’t we eat the best.  It’s like the saying goes “good people eat good food”.  And that’s where I come in.  I’m the self proclaimed  “Captain of Cuisine”, and I’m here to help you take that old saying a step further.  “Great people deserve great food”.  It’s an inalienable right and something we can all relate to.  To quote chef and television personality Andrew Zimmern “I believe sharing food is the best way to experience other cultures.”  and he’s right.  Sharing food with other people is one of the greatest, most rewarding things we can do for one another.  I’d like to impart my knowledge of the kitchen and panoche for tasty treats and delicious delicacies on to you.  From generations old recipes passed down through the annals of time, to creative conceptions of my own creation- they shall all be there at your disposal.  So go ahead.  Try out some new recipes, tweak some old ones, and above all else- have a great time doing it.  You deserve it.